User and Customer Experience in Marketing

When we talk of business, we cannot fail to mention of marketing. This is a business strategy of searching for eligible customers. The aim of every business is to make a profit. Without such a process, a business cannot be able to perform. For a business to do well, it must be well structured. A given business must have its workers, solid management, resources, and security. Business workers are people entitled to interact with business products and services. Workers ensure the normal process of buying and selling of goods and services is kept updated. For example, workers can deal with packaging and transportation of business products and services.
Solid management includes the staffs who mostly stay in offices to oversee the normal running of a business. These people are involved in budget planning, enumeration of the salary of employees, and employment of new workers. Resources are fundamental in a business. Examples of business resources are finance and raw materials in case of an industry. New businesses must require startup capital in order to grow. Security of a business is very crucial. Most businesses get insurance to safeguard it in the case of an emergency. In the process of marketing, there occur two experiences, user experience labs, and customer experience.
These two experiences are based on the company's products and services. Customer experience is the direct interaction of the customer with the company's products and services. This is mostly experienced in the company's premises. Customers usually experience the company and its product and services the time they visit the company to buy its products and services. The company may strengthen customers experience by self-service resources, life chats, mobile support, and professional social media. Customer experience is lower than user experience.
User experience is broader than customer experience. Customer experience improvement program is the user perception and thought on the usage of intended products and services of a business. It is all about emotions to business products and services. This is mostly applied to the website of a company. Users will most likely visit the company's website to search for the product price, friend's opinions, and reports on media. This will lead to buyers journey on the company's products and services.
User experience is influenced by system properties and features, usage context, and user's state and previous experience. Marketing leaders are mostly the ones that are involved in supporting user experience. They customize on website features of the company's products and services to capture its users.